You want to emigrate but don't know how?

Ponta do Sol, Canhas, die Sonnengegend von Madeira

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step."
~ Laozi

Madeira, Insel im Atlantik, das ganze Jahr über mediterranes Klima durch seine vielzähligen Mikroklimazonen

There are many reasons

Yes, there are indeed many reasons why people consider emigrating. The reasons are so individual and diverse that one cannot recognise a uniform motive.
However, a trend can be observed, as many people are striving for a better quality of life in terms of the environment, safety and slowing down their own lives. "Back to the roots" is the key here. The quest for a more pleasant climate or a life in a natural environment can also be an incentive to leave one's own country and move to a country with more favourable climatic conditions. In one's own country, people are becoming increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied due to political decisions; this can also be a reason for reorientation.

Considerations before you start living the dream

Before you begin to seriously consider the desire to emigrate, there are of course a few things to keep in mind and to consider so that there are no unpleasant surprises later on. The most important questions that are often asked are the following.

1. Visa / Residence Permit

  • What kind of visa or residence permit do I need, what are the requirements ?

2. Work and employment opportunities:

  • What is the labour market situation like in the destination country? Are there good job opportunities in your field? What qualifications or language skills are required to successfully find a job there?

3. Finances and cost of living::

  • How high is the cost of living in Madeira compared to your home country? Do you need to have financial reserves to make the transition easier? It is important to realistically assess your financial situation and plan for a financial buffer to cushion any unforeseen events.

4. Language and cultural adaptation:

  • What language is spoken in Madeira? Are language skills necessary to get by in everyday life and be successful in your career?

5. Health care and insurance:

  • How is health care organized in Madeira? Which insurances are necessary or advisable?